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Established by decades of experienced trained professionals with a vision to provide quality vocational education and training that enable a diverse student population to achieve its educational goals. We understand the need of trained professional in the various fields of Travel, Aviation, Retail etc., In CHR Programs are enhanced by developing and maintaining partnerships with business, industry, and the community. Faculties are dedicated to teaching, advising, and scholarship.

Our Vision is that CHR will be a CENTER OF EXCELLENCE in perpetuity for developing world class professionals


Home Management

1. how to manage home.
..Bedroom .
.. kitchen .
2. Duties of a housekeeper.
3. How to take care of household stuff.
Plastic .
.. silver .
..aluminium .
3. Table order for eating.
4. Essential works after rising in the morning.
5. How to take care of electrical appliances.
..Non automatic .
6. Related with profession.
7. For personal hygiene.